Dialogues concerning natural religion

Dialogues concerning natural religion is one of the last works completed by david hume, a man who revolutionized our understanding of philosophy hume was an advocate of the skeptical school of philosophy and a key figure in the scottish enlightenment. Dialogues concerning natural religion is a philosophical work written by the scottish philosopher david hume through dialogue, three fictional characters named demea, philo, and cleanthes debate the nature of god's existence. Dialogues concerning natural religion1 by david hume part 10 it is my opinion, i admit, replied demea, that each man somehow feels in his heart the truth of religion, and that what leads him to seek protection from od the being on whom he and all nature depend, is. 图书dialogues concerning natural religion, and the natural history of religion 介绍、书评、论坛及推荐 登录 注册 下载豆瓣客户端 豆瓣 60 全新发布 × 豆瓣 扫码直接下载. A dialogic interpretation of hume’s diazogues william lad sessions for all of its prominence in contemporary anglo-american philosophy of religion, hume’s dialogues concerning natural religion continues to provoke divergent readings, especially as regards its author’s.

All references to the dialogues concerning natural religion are from the library of liberal arts edition, edited by nk smith (the bobbs-merrill company, jnc, indianapolis, new york, 1947. Dialogues concerning natural religion dialogues concerning natural religion - and other writings 关于自然宗教的对话--及其他著作 为什么宗教是自然的而科学不是 why. In the posthumously published dialogues concerning natural religion, the enlightenment philosopher david hume attacked many of the traditional arguments for the existence of god, expressing the belief that religion is founded on ignorance and irrational fears.

David hume's dialogues concerning natural religion, first published in 1779, is one of the most influential works in the philosophy of religion and the most artful instance of philosophical dialogue since the dialogues of plato. Dialogues concerning natural religion 3 be curious and interesting, the book carries us, in a manner, into company and unites the two greatest. (dialogues concerning natural religion, part xi, page 75) on theism’s relationship with fear: it is true, both fear and hope enter into religion because both these passions, at different times, agitate the human mind, and each of them forms a species of divinity suitable to itself. Dialogues concerning natural religion and other writings (1779), edited by d coleman, cambridge: cambridge university press, 2007 references are to the part and paragraph numbers as provided in this edition.

Dialogues concerning natural religion is a philosophical work by the scottish philosopher david humethrough dialogue, three philosophers named demea, philo, and cleanthes debate the nature of god's existence whether or not these names reference specific philosophers, ancient or otherwise, remains a topic of scholarly dispute. Hume’s criticism of the attempt to ground religion in the design argument is framed as a dialogue cleanthes represents the defender of the attempt to establish religious principles on the basis of observed fact about the natural world (natural religion) demea represents the defender of religious belief who does not attempt to ground this belief in evidence about the world and philo comes. Word count: professor nelson philosophical perspectives 12 october 2012 writing assignment #1 dialogues concerning natural religion by david hume is a philosophical piece concerning the existence of god.

Summary in dialogues concerning natural religion hume explores whether religious belief can be rational because hume is an empiricist (ie someone who thinks that all knowledge comes through experience), he thinks that a belief is rational only if it is sufficiently supported by experiential evidence. Hume begins dialogues concerning natural religion with a letter from pamphillus, a young man who was a spectator at the discussion, to his friend hermippus pamphillus explains that the dialogue. Dialogues concerning natural religion → dialogues concerning natural religion — the title of the work according to all of the sources at the bottom of the article and the beginning of the article itself contain the capital c.

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Hume's presence in the dialogues concerning natural religion robert j fogelin features a veteran hume scholar analyzing hume's religious skepticism elucidates hume's skepticism through close analysis of his major philosophical writings and personal correspondence. 【按语:休谟(1711-1776)的《自然宗教对话录(dialogues concerning natural religion)》死后刊行于1779年,以对话的方式探究了有关上帝存在和属性,或宗教. David hume, the philosophical works of david hume, vol 2 (treatise of human nature part 2, dialogues concerning natural religion) [1828. David hume dialogues on natural religion page 1/55 david hume dialogues concerning natural religion (this text of dialogues concerning natural religion is a corrected version of the 1854 works the page numbers in brackets refer to the kemp smith edition) table of contents.

dialogues concerning natural religion Oxford world classics' is a good edition of hume's writings on religion as well as the dialogues, it contains the brief autobiography my own life, a chapter of the first enquiry (of a particular providence) and the natural history of religion, which argues that the first religions were polytheistic.
Dialogues concerning natural religion
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